The Precious Gift

The other day I was roaming around in front of the lined shops,outside a complex we had to see movie. The walk path of the lined shops was four-five feet above the ground, guarded by a steel railing. I was standing there, leaning on the railing, looking away into the adjoining garden below. I felt something tug my jeans twice so I looked down, only to find my surprised eyes looking at a little beggar girl, wearing in her neck, a shiny wooden piece what seemed to me like a broken key ring . She was standing in the garden, and with all her strength was holding on to things just to tug my shirt. Before I could say or do anything, a loud voice shouted — “Oye! Get out of the garden! “ The little girl tumbled down onto the green leafy grass. It was the security guard,withered by age. Clearly, beggars were not allowed here.

To some distance on my right, there were stairs leading to the garden floor, these were very long stairs and each stair only several inches, on the middle of which the angry guard was standing, but due to ongoing construction,the stairs were blocked before they reached ground level. While I was looking at the girl as she quickly popped on to her feet , smiling while she did it, looked at the guard and did the funniest looking dance I had seen in my life. This made the guard smile. The he began chasing her out of the premises. Soon I realized, that the old guard could do nothing but shout at her, as it was impossible for him to go through the railing and if he went the other way, the little girl would just run and climb on the stairs through its railings. And both of them enjoyed it until the old guard sat down, panting on the grassy garden floor. Worried, the girl came running to him. She took off her wooden necklace, always taking care she was out of reach of his giant hands, put it down on the ground and said to him “I am sorry I did that. Mother says its bad to cause problems to people. She says if we see someone sad, we should make them happy again. You keep my necklace, It is very precious and rare. It kept me happy, it will keep you too. Bye!” And off she disappeared again.

The guard got up, celebrating, as the girl was gone, and he could relax again. He did not care about the precious gift the beggar girl kept. I was just curious, I guess I just wanted to have a look at the necklace now. So I went there and I picked it up, and I was baffled.

The wood was carved with the letters “LOVE”. And I think the girl was right. It was indeed a rare and precious gift after all, and it made me happy too.

|Love and Peace|

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    • Aditya Soni
    • October 2nd, 2010

    A very nice attempt…really very gud..keep writing..

  1. Thanks!!

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