Break Free

Ever since I began to see things, I saw the world around me in awe. But as we grow up, our minds get used to things like  a toy, a dog or a huge Mickey Mouse statue. The no longer amuse you the way the did you then. You were spontaneous, adventurous and you had so much energy you could walk the world round. You REALLY laughed at stupid things, things that made no sense, and it didn’t matter who was watching. You know why? It’s not because you were a kid, its because you knew no bounds. You slept at anytime of the day, you ate whenever you wanted to and you didn’t know what ‘behaving’ was. You defined everything you saw, you called it what you wanted to and still everyone understood. You never listened to who you were told to love , You had a head of your own. Talking of myself, I never thought there would be banks, schools or anything, I just thought we were meant to live.

Its a cruel world, from the  moment you are born into this world, you are burdened by an infinite train of constrains and practices, rituals, religions even your name. If you would just start to think about what you really are, its just an image of what this world wants you to be. You belong to no one and no one belongs to you here until you want. You are constrained upon because you let yourself constrained upon.

And about God, I’d say, There Is No God. Its just a hazy imagination of human mind , that has been carried along by all those mindless people out there who never realized they could take the road less taken by. They are too afraid to be free. And I’ll tell you why. The world around you, that you see is a huge system. And this world will make you another one of its gears that helps it going on. And its on you if you would want to be fixed at some spot and rotate throughout your life,serve  till you are withered and replaced by a new gear or, you can just go on on your own, and crash the system down.

And when you die, You will see that you lived. And you won’t count the number of years, you will not look at how much money you made. You will see the hearts that made your heart pound with happiness. You will see the tears you dropped that you didn’t see then, because you were busy wiping someone else’s. And you will see that this is what true God is.

So Break Free from everything you have been put over and under your head. Or (at least) those that prevent you from being you. Don’t let anything or anyone touch your pure free soul. Keep in mind that everyone deserves to be loved, and love.

|Love and Peace|

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    • ankit
    • September 25th, 2010

    Damn …it feels like you are speaking my mind .Awesome post man ….keep it up .

    just to share “if anyone could breakfree …he will rule the world” …sad thing is everyone wants to be another soldier …. no one wants to be King …. or in your words … no one wants to take “road less taken”

  1. Thanks man.!

    • sonkamble
    • October 27th, 2010

    Hello Puru,
    It’s true that the life is like flow of water. Try to show your potential efforts to your friends, parents, and so many human beings. Have a nice time.

    • Thank you very much sir! 🙂

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  2. October 11th, 2010
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