Where Are All the Fireflies Gone?

And a tear dropped down from her tiny eyes,
Falling freely,
After it stole away its tail, It yelled,
“I have had enough in the eyes!”
“And the world is waiting to be mine!”
The world was beautiful, indeed,
Oh! what a glorious glide!
Ever so proud and happy,
These sneaked away one at a time,
None of them even looking behind!

Droplets soaking into her favorite pillow,
Their prides gave away with the warmth they’d stole,
She tugged her mother as she looked above,
Each being holds a different a need and a want!
She points into the dark where the demons haunt,
“Mum, Where are all the fireflies gone?”

    • ghazal
    • August 8th, 2011

    whats up dear?? ur writing and thoughts are getting better with each passing day, keep it up 🙂

  1. Thank You! 🙂

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