Prologue ( The Human Consciousness and The Ultimate Reality)

One of all the mystic wonders of the world is human consciousness. Sadly, in this caffeine-driven workaholic, egoistic society, we hardly acknowledge how less evolutionary we are spiritually, and ,in fact, worsening the condition. To the extent that most of the readers, after looking at ‘evolutionary’ and ‘spiritual’ and like words start to go all frantic because  the communities have  painted a picture of “spiritualism” with “God”, and most of us run at the very glimpse of it, or even if forced to listen to, we disregard all facts and continue with a vague hope of being satisfied with a decent job, a house, family and all those things which keep you away from questioning yourself at some point “What the hell are we all doing here?!”. We are happy with the lesser reality shown to us by our conscious mind, without question, and we further discourage anyone even curious to know the subconscious, and stop any attempts by creating societal pressure. Because of the vastness and our linguistic constrains to describe this subject, I will only seem to scratch the surface, but bear with me, for, you are going to learn the most fascinating cosmic world and the reason of all the existence, All That There Is. I have studied works, books and lectures Terrence Mckenna, Huxley, Jim DeKorne, the 1983 revolutionary revelation “The Law of One By Ra, An Humble Messenger” and likes. I will try to converge as much knowledge as possible here for the general public, unaware of any work in this field. I will be posting chapters as and when I compile them. Personally, I have to say, this is the most vital knowledge I have found to date. Also, I humbly extend a hand to any person who might like to contribute to making this work more feasible and would like to help me with any comments or suggestions. Readers are requested to keep an open mind until a few chapters are materialised given the nature of the subject as it concerns beings from other dimensions, alien contacts and the constituents of the Supreme Reality. It will be a fascinating, surprising and  beautiful but hard to fit in the general sense of logic that we humans so profoundly speak of and have so carefully built upon. A section is dedicated to the famous 2012 shift of consciousness theory, which is now being discussed with much interest among people. So sit tight, as the introduction will be out in a week at, my personal blog. If you subscribe, you will be updated every time a new chapter is added. You can mail me with questions on Also pardon any delays in chapters would be if i ‘d be busy with my college.

  1. September 15th, 2012

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