The Moon Says

I am the moon. As I humbly ask of the sun to gently leave, and convince that I will be watching over the earth, he leaves exhausted and worried for the next beautiful land. That every being be watched upon as they breathe in peace. While the night is dark, know that darkness wont hurt you, and hold onto the blissful smiles and love, because if you hate, the expense of creating the universe would be a waste. Know all these souls and entities, between whom you sleep, because they are you, and you are them. Doesnt it pinch in your heart when you hurt another? That is why.
I watch over when this darkness is used to hide, when loving fathers and mothers are slayed for money and metals by theives and robbers. The pity is twofold because a doctor denied the robbers daughters treatment because the good hospitals wanted more money, and the poor honest father could not save her little girls life.
And what are the doctors taught on the first day of their education? ‘Never turn down a patient in need’?
And I move along, there are houses emnating loud voices, voices of extreme hatred. I see a bleeding human on the road who got hit by a drunk car. The car escaped that instant but the human bled till he died because theres a government law number and people are afraid of being put to jail.
I watch over when people celebrate, and I see a beautiful panorama of the earth shaded with colors, crackers and smiles on faces. when a family reunites, to see how far have we gotten to becoming a better human ourselves. I watch souls fall in love, first smiles of beautiful children and their love, whose each moment is a thousand lifetimes. And I rejuvinate. I rejuvinate as I humbly make way for the sun, because I have to go watch a beautiful land while they sleep on the earths lap and leave as the sun gently illuminates them.

    • friend
    • December 27th, 2012

    very nice.
    made me smile:)

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