An Epiphany

The epiphany of a thought if any, Is its ultimate goal of conclusion, if any, else, its just some anonymous words spoken by the greatest anonymous. Getting out of your mind to the universe is not easy, it involves transforming yourself to a living being deserving this puff of oxygen produced by these beautiful flora and fauna that are produced by our ancestor’s decay. Not necessarily. It involved dying of those unancestorial beings too , thats how you get that particular flavour in your rice. That exact ratio. That exact proportion. That exact amount of time and depth beneath the earth’s surface. And then, you mine out the diamond, which surmounts to impossible. Except when you have a machine, so you can draw petroleum related products. We all know as currency today. The deeper you dig, the farther you are away from the earth. Yeah. Pretty much because they said so, and because those drill machines arent peaceful. Nonsensical blabbering. Then comes epiphany. An absolute one. Yes absolut e is a good vodka. A pinnacle of human alcohol brew. But we are here for a reason, arent we? we always were, we just like to forget stuff. Luke died. Skip a heartbeat or two, And then, energy. Because you dance when the light flickers, not look for a screwdriver.

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