The Little Things

Its been a while since you have gone,
and you wonder how do i get along,
when i lay down tired and the lights are on,
when i cant find the clothes i want,
My shoe, my coat and what do i put on,
Nothing’s been right since you have gone.

My charm, my calm, and all my laughs,
have been cut through, in more than halves,
and we rush through life like its a race,
without looking at another face,
show them that our heart is clean,
and move along to another thing.

when i remember you in my head,
its the little things that put me to bed,
your eyes, you hair your need to be,
its my life’s only ecstacy,

if you one day decide to go,
plunge a knife into my heart and through,
because if the earth took you away and kept,
I would gladly tell the universe that i left.

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