All broken inside? Gotcha!

Remember all your epiphanies. Work. Get away from alcohol and everything. Be yourself. You are tough. You are cool. Listen. Take care of your family. Take care of your business. Work. Don’t run away from problems, run into them. Tear them apart and stand like a sadhu. You will not take anything from this world. You will always give. Give until your last breath. Why did you forget to give? Why did you forget to forgive? Why do you chase the lights when you are light? Noones wrong and noones right. Stop judging. It will make you sad and the people around you. There’s more to the world than just let your days pass. Revolt, revolutionize, love, hate, play, smile, laugh, cry, work, work, work. Be calm, be quiet, don’t care too much, but don’t care ¬†too less either. Moderate, But don’t fall to mediocrity. Look what you can make, forget what you can destroy. You have grown too many chains, restraint, control. Cool off, find yourself a new perspective, push your boundaries, push your strength, fear, anger, courage, heart, head and your soul. There’s always a new place, not to run to, but build to. Find more choices, explore yourself, create moments, listen to music, drive, dive. Trust yourself, delete your judgements of yourself, fucking fly. Be mad. And then, if noone gives a fuck, congratulations, you are doing an awesome job.

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